Keigo's Awesome Seaside Vacation (Part 3/3)

Title: Keigo’s Awesome Seaside Vacation (Part 3/3)
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryuu
Word count: 27k
Warnings: UST, language, underage drinking, m/m sex, a poorly-written action scene
Summary: Another school break rolls around and Keigo is determined to make everyone enjoy it at the beach with him. Although he didn’t exactly have the elicit union of a couple of argumentative teenagers in mind.
AN: Just a little sand and surf and angsty romance. I say ‘little’ but this thing somehow turned into a wordy beast! Soundtrack for this story is ‘The Island Pt I: Dawn’ and ‘The Island Pt II: Dusk’, both by Pendulum.

Part 1
Part 2

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I can't believe i ate thanksgiving leftover for 4 days...i am sick of turkey, mashpotatoes, ham and sweet corn
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it is so though when your friend don't share the same likeness as yours, like anime or yaoi.  I so much to discuss with them about animes i am watching now, but they don't care arggghh.
I soon start my lat semester of school and i am excited about it.
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I am trying

well, recently the idea to paint Kanda has been nagging me a lot. So finally i decided to do it. I am amateur in this field so i am hoping i'll do a good job on this one.
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For sex pistols_love mode group at aarinfantasy

Hello everyone.

I hope you like this little present just for loving sex pistols and love mode. and being part of the group. I hope you like them. Feel free of taking as many as you want.

also Thanx to EpitahOfTwilight_Ce for making the cards.


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I am so happy that finally is thursday. I've been waiting for so long to watch this (24 episodes in total)

this is the opening

now i can't wait for the subbed version, i hope they don't take too long. Junjo Romantica is my favorite yaoi manga and i have great expectation from the anime
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well, it has been a post in my journal. Which i don't usually do. ^-^. Nothing important right beside the fact that on this last Sunday i went to buy Love Pistols vol 4 and Junjo Romantica vl 5 and noticed that Blu has raised the price of the manga from 9.99 to 12.99. i was like O-O no way. *sigh* what can i do just buy them.
I also got the X/1990 illustration book by clamp, very pretty. maybe i will scan some of the pages.
Also that day there was a big commotion on Time Square, nothing bad. It was just the happiness of the people of kosovo, i think it is, which country just got its independence after 20 years. (i think so)
Then curiosity gt me when one guy stopped me and started to talk about Scientology and then invited me to see a movie about what Scientology could bring. I just went with him, in the lobby of the Scientology building. i saw the movie, nothing interesting. They interviewed me a little bit and try to find something which could help me to improve by this kind of religion. Which they didn't convinced me.
At the end i left, and though it just another religion with different method and theory about how something being physical or abstract can help in to live a good life, like any other religion, which offer almost the same. no offense to anybody.

By the way Kish, i received you belated card for the holidays, thank you, i thought it got lost before but i got it. Very pretty the little harry potter card. Thank You and happy belated holidays to you too.

last but not least, i just made this video, it is not that good but i love the song. i dn't why but i mixed La Corda d' oro, gravitation, sukisyo, loveless and ouran high school host club scenes.

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Que cosa/, my new years celebration wasn't that good at all. I was in the middle of a lovers quarrel. It was kind of fun but at the same time stupid. It is the worst having both lover being jealous. i had to made up a boyfriend  so one of them wouldn't think i was trying to take his boyfriend away from him.
At the end on the stair of my friend's friend building for two hours with my friend since she forgot her key in one of the guys apartment.

Happy New Year everyone.
I hope yours was better than mine
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